About Canary Search Optimisation

Canary Search Optimisation is owned and run by Brian Goldthorpe, from Gran Canaria in the heart of the Canary Islands. Brian has spent over 30 years in the IT Industry, working on mainframes, micros, minis and PC's at different times. Since the 1980's he has also been in marketing roles, both inside and outside the IT industry, and involved with companies supplying outsourced customer services including e-commerce based call centres and fulfillment services.

This background in both technology and marketing is the ideal background from which to manage and develop web-based sales strategies, as it marries the essential online and offline skills needed to create sucessful solutions. The 'marketing' view is of course that the web is just one of a series of potential sales channels for any business, and in many cases it is unlikely to be the sole channel that companies adopt to sell their products or services.

Selling in Service Markets

Many of the businesses in the Canaries sell 'services' rather than 'products'; for example car hire, excursions, meals, experiences. Brian has worked in service companies for over twenty years so can apply his experiences to many of the projects and opportunities for web marketing.

Your best customer may be among these people, but do you know how to attract his attention?

Can you see your best customer ?

Some services, such as car hire and flights, are being increasingly sold as commodity products, while for other, more personal services, softer, more tactile selling methods are required. While you may accept booking a flight in an automated system and feeling like 'another number', you would not want to book an expensive restauant or a course of beauty treatment in that way.

What is clear is that a wider and wider set of customers are using the Internet to research potential services before they arrive in the islands, and much more use is being made of pre-booking opportunities.

Since 2002 Brian has been running a tourist based service company in Gran Canaria. He has transformed the business from one of the under achievers in it's market to one of the top players; increased revenues by nearly 50% at a time when many observers felt the market was shrinking, and gained a substantial part of the web based business for the sector. He is aware of the many pressures that face small businesses operating in the Canaries or other off-shore or remote communities, and the need for solutions to be sized appropriately.

What Services can we offer?

Our objective is to offer companies a menu of marketing and technology skills which can be quickly applied to reviewing existing positions and coming up with new strategies which can help win more business and profits. We undertake projects based on an agreed quotation for content and duration, and will offer to work to within a fixed budget.

Within our concept of 'Total Website Marketing' an initial project will probably cover both marketing activities and technology issues, actually converting your website if required to become more search engine friendly and gain a higher ranking

We believe that effective long term organic Search Engine Optimisation caomes from constant activity on the website, with ongoing monitoring and minor 'inline' adjustments. For businesses that do not have an inhouse technology capability we offer ongoing optimisation contracts which may include site monitoring, content development, reporting and real-time optimisation of the site.

Other related activities, such as staff training, can also be offered.

One of our aims is to help our clients achieve a top 'web marketing' position in their sector. For this reason we will only work with one client at a time in any market sector. If our contract ends we will not operate in the sector with another client for at least 3 months.

Can our service help you?

If you think that you website is not delivering the leads, the customers or the orders that you expected, contact us and request a free-of-charge initial analysis of your website. We will quickly analyse your website against our ten-point model and advise you of possible strategies for improving the performance of your website. To request a free analysis fill in our enquiry form and we will get back to you with your free report.