Multi-lingual Search Engine Optimisation

For companies operating in the tourist sector of the Canaries, one of the main problems of achieving a large reach with their website is ensuring that it is optimised for search engines in multiple languages. While it is normal for a website to have a 'native' language, integrating large amounts of foreign language into the website raised both technological and SEO problems. If the integration is done one way, the optimisation of the website may fail, while there are other methods that can actually enhance the overall site ranking.

What can we do for your website?

Multi-language SEO requires a thorough investigation of the different keywords required for each language, and will have impacts upon content strategies, and linking strategies. We have successfully applied these techniques to one website which has resulted in high search engine positions in three out of four languages. By looking at your website structure in detail we believe that most websites that make offers in multiple currencies can achieve excellent improved search positions across all their languages.