Do you need Search Engine Optimisation or Web Marketing

In order to determine whether you need your webpages optimised to get high search engine rankings, or other parts of your business reviewed, answer yes or no to the following questions:

  1. Do you know what pagerank is and how to find it for your website?
  2. Do you understand the difference between page importance and pagerank and how to affect them both?
  3. Can you describe your best customers and how to target them on the web?
  4. Have you evidence of the browsing preferences of your target customers?
  5. Are you actively building unique and interesting content for your customers?
  6. Are you actively building quality inbound links?
  7. Do you know how the majority of visitors to your website find you?
  8. Have you access to a control panel to manage your website?
  9. Have you identified and targeted some keywords which are not used by your competitors?
  10. Is your response to enquiries, or orders better or worse than your competitors?

How did you do?

  • If you answered yes to seven or more of these questions then you probably already know a lot about SEO, and have an SEO strategy in place. We can help you by fine tuning, targeting more closely for the 'best customers' and implementing deep SEO strategies for long term organic SEO.
  • If you scored between four and six then you have probably started optimising your website, but need more assistance to ensure that your efforts are directed and not wasted. We can help you by ensuring that the supporting strategies needed to be successful are in place, and that your SEO efforts are well directed.
  • If you answered yes to less than three questions then you already know that you need to change your website, but you don't know how. We can help by devising a detailed plan and then putting in place the training, marketing and SEO technologies to get you up and running in Search Engine Optimisation.

And what about your competitors?

If your business is struggling to gain high rankings while others appear to have already secured top rankings, then don't despair, as we can learn from their use of technology, and it may enable you to shortcut your implementation of Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation. Conversely if non of your competitors have adopted these technologies, then now is the time to get into the pole position, create an unfair advantage by the use of SEO technologies and let them play catch-up in the future.

Can our service help you?

If you think that you website is not delivering the leads, the customers or the orders that you expected, contact us and request a free-of-charge initial analysis of your website. We will quickly analyse your website against our ten-point model and advise you of possible strategies for improving the performance of your website. To request a free analysis fill in our enquiry form and we will get back to you with your free report.